Contest: How many Cubes in Angie's Craft Room

Posted by Angie Bliese on

Here's another hint for our give-away.  You will need to watch the following videos:  Create A Cart, Four Cube Desk and Create an Eight Cube Desk.  Don't count the Cubes on top of my desk that I am using to demonstrate.  Do count the cubes behind my desks.  If you are not sure, also watch:  Storage Cubes Assembled or Countertop 5 Cubes Wide.  I love sharing my updated craft room with everyone!

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  • There are 31 cubes in Angie’s craft room !!!

    Subrina Sutton on
  • There are 29 cubes in Angie’s craft room! The cart has 2, The area by the 8 cube desk has 16 cubes in all and the area by the 4 cube desk has a total of 11 cubes making a grand total of 29 beautiful cubes! Totally in love with them all! <3

    barb macaskill on

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