Legacy Woodcrafters storage cubes are custom made and handcrafted for you by us, "Made in America".  Each piece will come fully assembled and if you are putting two or more together, we will provide you with bolts that can easily be used by anyone to group to your liking.  The design is versatile to fit in any home or office area.  We use 3/4 inch melamine to build our cubes and then laminate them to be strong.  Storage items found in stores are typically thinner material and not laminated.  You will find our products are easy to clean and completely finished. The sturdy construction is made to last a life time and you can rearrange at will.  Please allow 2-4 weeks depending on our workload for us to build your choice of pieces.     

Create your Dream Craft Room.  Our original 16" cube will hold full size photo and scrapbook albums and 12X12 paper storage boxes.  These are not just for scrapbook storage though!  Imagine them for other art and crafts, sewing, office, medical or school storage too.  The 13" cubes are designed to stack with the 16" cubes to customize a desk height work area.  You can stack the 16" cubes and top with a Desk/Counter to make a higher work or storage area.  Our 32" cubes are designed to hold those taller or wider things like the 12X24 inch mats and bigger machines.

We have several more items that are still in the design phase so check back or email specific requests.

For large orders we will check to see if freight shipping would be more economical. We will ship to all 50 states and Washington D.C.